about my work

Ruth Verraes, 2011

Just as hard to hear how your mother tongue must sound to a stranger, itís hard to see a shape without naming it. My work is the result of research into the shaping of my surroundings. It plays with the expectation of the viewer that language and the visual reality are one.

I try to present my surroundings out of a neutral point of reference. This usually entails photographing a landscape while keeping what is apparent out of view. If language disappeared out of the landscape, what is there still to see? Do the pictures show me something that I would otherwise have overlooked? I wonder in what way language restricts us from seeing.

In text I give a new context to what I keep out of focus in my images. I try to see and treat words as objects. A new landscape which does not refer to a real location is shaped with text and image. It gets the atmosphere of a model.

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