Displaced images

Ruth Verraes

Seven days to find all the letters of the alphabet

A river sliding through the landscape splits the world in two
The meaning of the river lies in the silt of the banks
I fish for memories; me the child catches the fish
I did not loose it, still looking for the other side
All I donít think about gets lonely

The lake is smooth till it rains
Rain slowing down till it is snow
Seamless the river runs into the field
Mountains along the river in all its curves
I get lost out of habit

Trees are made for these surroundings
I walk deeply in the mountains, till Iím there it is a secret whereto
Far away makes mountains disappear
Far away is a utopia

Where does the wind rest if it doesnít blow?
The mountain waits with its flanks
A mountain, waiting, becomes a stone
A stone, filled to the brim casts a shade
A shade grows till the sun vanishes

A stone preparing not to be seen
All I know is what the words know
I have seen this landscape before:
Stone, tree and river are in other places set differently


Displaced images, 2011
Installation of posters and 24 sentences
inkjet print and photocopy
variable sizes

Illustrations out of scientific books and encyclopedia are meant to tell something specific about the landscape. The more I copied or photographed the illustrations, the less they refer to a geographic spot. They are available for any context. In this installation I try to present the landscape without meaning. 24 sentences recall a landscape where you can possibly walk through. The words make a map where it is hard not to get lost. Language recalls a landscape and researches itself.